Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Motivation: Boom! Manifesto

You Are Designed to Choose…and Defined by Choice.
You are a product of your choices, not your conditions.
-Kevin & Jackie Freiberg

Best-selling authors and culture gurus Kevin and Jackie Freiberg encourage you to expand your influence, become a positive force for change, and live with fewer regrets with their Boom! Manifesto.

Be a Player
Extraordinary Happens When Ordinary People Do Whatever It Takes

Be Accountable
There is No “THEY”—Only You and Me

Choose Service Over Self-interest
Me-First Rarely Delivers the Desired Outcome

Focus Forward
Your Future Isn’t in the Rear View Mirror

Play to Your Genius
Your Work Is a Statement About You

Get It Done
Success is the Reward for Those Who Make a Difference

Risk More – Gain More
The World Isn’t Changed by Those Who Are Unwilling to Take Risks

The choices are YOURS!

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