Thursday, October 25, 2007

I.G.N.I.T.E. Sales Tip: What's Your Web Plan?

From Mel Taylor:

Here’s a check list, that may help you realize your ‘readiness’, for Web success. Does any of this concern you ?

> Is corporate mandating that YOU ( at the local level ), come up with a profitable Web game-plan ?

> Do you have a web strategy, or does the webmaster or ND/PD “handle it” ?

> Are your websites: advertiser, search engine & user friendly? How can you tell ?

> Do you know your ’share’ of local Internet advertising revenue ? ( Corporate will demand this info )

> How much time & money are your clients/viewers spending on other web sites ? Do you know why ?

> Can your sales staff comfortably sell and discuss your web offerings ? Overcome common objections ?

> Just how web and computer -savvy are your News directors, PD’s, producers, marketing, sales and on-air staff ?

> Are you taking full advantage of online video, RSS, SEO, Blogs, social networking, crowd sourcing & aggregation ?

> Is it OK for your on-air staff to have their own websites/blogs, or have their own MySpace or YouTube channels ?

> When should you develop separately branded/niche sites in your own market ?

> What do advertisers and agencies really think about your Website, and how you are selling them ?

If any of these questions were tough to answer, you may not be fully prepared to effectively compete in the emerging online marketplace.

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