Friday, February 23, 2007

The 12 Elements of Great Managing

To identify the elements of worker engagement, Gallup conducted many thousands of interviews in all kinds of organizations, at all levels, in most industries, and in many countries.These 12 statements -- the Gallup Q12 -- emerged from Gallup's pioneering research as those that best predict employee and workgroup performance.
  1. I know what is expected of me at work.
  2. I have the materials and equipment I need to do my work right.
  3. At work, I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day.
  4. In the last seven days, I have received recognition or praise for doing good work.
  5. My supervisor, or someone at work, seems to care about me as a person.
  6. There is someone at work who encourages my development.
  7. At work, my opinions seem to count.
  8. The mission or purpose of my company makes me feel my job is important.
  9. My associates or fellow employees are committed to doing quality work.
  10. I have a best friend at work.
  11. In the last six months, someone at work has talked to me about my progress.
  12. This last year, I have had opportunities at work to learn and grow.

(The Q12 items are protected by copyright of The Gallup Organization, 1992-1999. All rights reserved.)

The Urge To Merge

The media and investment communities are buzzing with talk about the announced XM-Sirius merger. Gary Parson, Chairman of XM, and Mel Karmazin, CEO of Sirius, have done their due diligence and feel that the deal is “doable.” Do you? Check out the links below, then tell us what you think.

How Sirius-XM Merger Would Cut Companies' Costs Still Unclear
Radio, Music Mergers Show Digital Arena Crowded
Hurdles loom for XM, Sirius combination
Sirius CEO Spent His Career Making Deals

Cast your vote now in latest Geometric Media Poll: Do you think the XM/Sirius Merger will go through? (See sidebar.)

Top 10 Gmail Tips And Hacks

If you use Gmail like I do, you'll love this! David Chartier shares his Top 10 Gmail Tips and Hacks here. Now, back to reading and writing more emails. Thanks, Dave!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

10 Habits Of Highly Happy Couples

Dr. Mark Goulston shares “10 Tips Of Highly Happy Couples”:

  1. Go to bed at the same time.
  2. Cultivate common interests.
  3. Walk hand in hand or side by side.
  4. Make trust and forgiveness your default mode.
  5. Focus more on what your partner does right than what he or she does wrong.
  6. Hug each other as soon as you see each other after work.
  7. Say "I love you" and "Have a good day" every morning.
  8. Say "Good night" every night, regardless of how you feel.
  9. Do a "weather" check during the day.
  10. Be proud to be seen with your partner.

Read the full article here. Share these freely tips with your listeners and loved ones.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

“Real” Talk Or Just More “DJ” Talk

Is your on-air presentation real, relevant and relatable?

When it comes to talent, there’s a definite different between just being a “dj” and becoming a real, “authentic personality.”

Lately there’s funny viral video going around the industry that makes light of how personalities, who are real people “off-air,” can turn into real puckers “on-air.” Check it out

Google Encounters Hurdles Of The Audio Kind

Google’s internet advertising dominance isn’t going to be easily extended into radio advertising dominance. Google Audio has hit some snags on the road to radio. Read the New York Times article here. [Subscription required.]

Monday, February 05, 2007

3 Things About The Superbowl

  1. The Best Team Won. Indianapolis Colt’s coach Tony Dungy and MVP quarterback Payton Manning made history with yesterday’s victory over Lovie Smith’s Chicago Bears – and deservedly so. Both Tony and Lovie are world class coaches and coaches with class. Recap the Big Game here.
  2. The Buzz Around Superbowl Commercials was big, but didn’t seem as big as in previous years. See the best Superbowl ads here.
  3. Controversial pop-star Prince’s non-controversial half-time performance may have been the best ever. Read the New York Times review here.