Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Be An Outside Thinker!

Warren Kurtzman of Coleman Research revealed insights into the paradigm shift that radio is currently experiencing in his 2007 Radio Fest presentation "Inside vs. Outside Thinking."

The paradigms are defined in the slides below.

I think Kurtzman's definitions are spot-on. In a connected world filled with ever-evolving and emerging content and media options available to consumers, radio must become more externally-focused on listeners - and clients - rather than internally-focused on ourselves.

There are a number for implications for this shift in thinking. But most importantly, Kurtzman concludes that as an "outside thinker," you must:

  • View your station as the listener does

  • Become a student of learning and communication processes

  • Use your knowledge to market strategically

  • Recognize that music testing—while vital—is only one step to building a successful music strategy

Are your ready to be an "outside thinker"? I hope so.

View the entire presentation here.

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