Saturday, January 27, 2007

Mozilla Manifesto

Mitchell Baker, CEO of the Mozilla Corporation, has posted a draft of the Mozilla Manifesto. Here are the principles:
  1. The Internet is an integral part of modern life — a key component in education, communication, collaboration, business, entertainment and society as a whole.
  2. The Internet is a global public resource that must remain open and accessible.
  3. The Internet should enrich the lives of individual human beings.
  4. Individuals' security on the Internet is fundamental and cannot be treated as optional.
  5. Individuals must have the ability to shape their own experiences on the Internet.
  6. The effectiveness of the Internet as a public resource depends upon technological interoperability, innovation and decentralized participation worldwide.
  7. Free and open source software promotes the development of the Internet as a public resource.
  8. Transparent community-based development processes promote participation, accountability, and trust.
  9. Commercial involvement in the development of the Internet brings many benefits; a balance between commercial goals and public benefit is critical.
  10. Magnifying the public benefit aspects of the Internet is an important goal, worthy of time, attention and commitment.
With the internet becoming increasingly important to the (digital) lives of our listeners, as well as our own, we much continuously improve the effectiveness and richness of our online content and experience. Your station should be making its content available via streaming, blogging and podcasting (on demand) as well as building online communities for your listeners to connect with and interact with your station, your clients and, most importantly, each other. If not - before you do anything else, you must make your online initiatives…priority! And if not NOW, when? You must do it immediately because your competition already has.

For more on the Mozilla principles here, with discussion here.

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