Thursday, January 11, 2007

10 Ways To Inspire Others

Management guru Lisa Haneberg inspires us with 10 ways to inspire others:
  1. Be a role model of courage. When our managers demonstrate courage, this will inspire us to do the same and we will respect them all the more.
  2. Take a stand. Share your perspective and be open.
  3. Reject politics! Many of us are sick of politics and would gladly follow and respect leaders who rejected them.
  4. Listen more, speak less. Show your employees, team members and peers that you value input and collaboration.
  5. Beat your goals and don't rest until you do. People want to work for successful leaders.
  6. Spend time in their shoes. Show them you want to understand what their world looks and feel like.
  7. Reject over the top perks that separate you from your team. Try to spread the wealth on great experiences like conferences, trainings, product offerings, and other perks.
  8. Represent your employee's needs to senior management and with your peers. Take the initiative to make things better.
  9. Be the best expression of your unique style. We are all different, so don't turn into a corporate clone.
  10. Be inspired by others. Share your role models and why they inspire you.

Uninspired people=Uninspired Ratings and Revenue. Inspire your programming, sales and management teams to do their best work everyday.

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