Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Listen Live, Not Online!

Most stations do not simulcast 100% of their terrestrial station audio online. Instead, over the air commercials are substituted with internet ad inserts, songs or promos. The problem is: Arbitron will only assign rating credit if you simulcast 100% with your terrestrial audio. So in order to get rating credit for online listening, you must invite listeners to “listen live,” not online. Yes, it’s another one of the ironies of playing the Arbitron game—but you must play the game, play it well and play to win.

Until Arbitron changes the rules, the best way to promote your station’s stream (and hopefully get credit for listening) is with recorded/live liners that say: “Turn your pc into a radio… and click on listen live.” DO NOT promote your stream by asking listeners to “listen online.”

Also, make sure to have your web programmer update your streaming media player to say “You’re listening to GEO 100” or “You’re tuned to 100.1 FM GEO 100.”Reinforce this message by using a radio graphic that highlights your station’s frequency.

Remember, if you’re trying to get credit for listening, only invite listeners to “listen live.”

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