Wednesday, February 06, 2008

On-Demand Now In Demand

According to, in 2007 the US Podcast Audience grew to a total of 18 million. That reflects an increase in audience size of of 285% over the previous year.

The growth doesn't stop there. It's projected that by 2012 the audience will grow to a total of 65 million with 25 million "active" audience members who listen/watch each week.

And advertisers are taking note.

With the podcast audience increasing, the advertising spend for podcasts is increasing as well. In 2007, there was a 106% increase in advertising totaling $165 million. The growth will continue this year with US podcast advertising spending expected to reach $240 million. And by 2012 those numbers will reach further skyward to $435 million.

So all of this begs the question: What is your podcasting plan?

It's amazing to me how many radio station websites are static and do not feature audio/video podcasts. With the US podcasting audience and revenues growing at such a rapid clip, how can you justify not having your brand's most compelling content available on-demand for listeners and available to advertisers for sponsorship.

If your station is not podcasting, don't delay it any further. Call a meeting, gather all the smart people around the conference room table, come with your podcasting plan and implement it NOW.

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