Monday, February 18, 2008

Geometric INSIGHT: Ten Commandments Of Powerful Programming

Need help improving your programming now? Well, here are Geometric Media’s Ten Commandments of Powerful Programming©. If you faithfully follow these rules, you can achieve better ratings and revenue results.

I. Thou shalt know thy listener.

II. Thou shalt develop precise definitions (profiles and personas) of thy target, emphasizing P-1s (on-air) and unique users (online).

III. Thou shalt develop a brand promise that establishes an emotional connection.

IV. Thou shalt not waver in demonstrating unswerving commitment to your brand.

V. Thou shalt ensure a consistent brand experience – on-air, online and on-site.

VI. Thou shalt create an audio environment that thy listeners appreciate.

VII. Thou shalt continuously innovate interactive content features, promotions, marketing and events for listeners, clients and partners.

VIII. Thou shalt expand profitability into new markets and channels (online and offline).

IX. Thou shalt not centralize the day-to-day execution - but thou shalt centralize brand image.

X. Thou shalt obsessively measure the brand and business operations (i.e., ratings, revenue, engagement and business metrics).

If you want to know more about the Ten Commandments of Powerful Programming©, feel free to
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