Thursday, February 21, 2008

10 Things You Can Learn From Politics To Improve Your On-Air Performance

  1. Personality is just as important as the execution of programming policy and formatics.
  2. It's better to believe in something vs. everything. All great personalities have a unique and powerful point-of-view (POV).
  3. Words do matter. The delivery of them matters even more. Prep before each break to ensure that your content and delivery are always compelling.
  4. Never forget that positive trumps negative.
  5. Authenticity is hard to fake but easy to harness. Listeners embrace authentic personalities because they connect with them in real and emotional ways.
  6. Leadership trumps (office & show) politics.
  7. The internet isn't a channel, it's THE channel. (Are you a multimedia personality? How are you connecting with listeners on-air, online and in-person?)
  8. Influence is contagious—so is hope. Remember, you are doing more than reading liners and delivering content. You are improving the lives of listeners with the entertainment and information that they want and need most, while linking them to the passions, people and events that they care about most. You are where you are to make a difference.
  9. You can't force people (or Arbitron) to like you.
  10. Anything is possible.

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