Thursday, August 02, 2007

Why Don’t Radio Personalities Do Show Prep?

From Bill McMahon at Authentic Personality:

The majority of radio personalities don’t adequately prepare for their shows. Most dislike show prep and believe it hurts their performance. They prefer instead to create content spontaneously during the show. Why?

Here are the primary reasons radio personalities don’t like show prep and consequently don’t do it:

  • They don’t know how to prepare.
  • Their attempts to prepare consistently result in failure.
  • The time gap between preparation and performance.
  • Constant failure in show prep becomes debilitating.
  • (They feel) The ideas that seem to work best are created spontaneously during the show, without preparation.

Bill McMahon “gets” talent and has created a unique approach to talent development. I share Bill’s commitment to helping create an environment in radio that attracts gifted artists capable of creating extraordinary audio entertainment content. And I encourage you to become a truly “authentic personality.” Visit Bill at Authentic to find out more.

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