Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Bit Basics

Here are a eight basic guidelines for bits:
  1. Any bit should be relative to your format audience.
  2. The bit should have its 3 main elements—including the opening, body & close.
  3. The bit should tell a story.
  4. The bit should be concise and timed within reason, which will depend on what any given PD prescribes for the format (different for, say, a CHR with its perpetual forward momentum delivery than for Smooth Jazz with its more conversational delivery style).
  5. The bit should be interesting enough to hold the listener throughout its entirety.
  6. The bit should be placed within the hour correctly (depending on stopset length and bit length).
  7. The bit may be delivered over a bit bed (again, something that is relative to your format).
  8. The bit should be rehearsed beforehand, prior to actual on-air delivery.

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