Thursday, August 09, 2007

Mistakes Sales Managers Make

John Klymshyn, President of The Business Generator, Inc., lists common mistakes sales managers make. They are:

  • Thinking that salespeople are continually motivated.
  • Thinking that salespeople can sustain their momentum.
  • Thinking that their salespeople do not need nurturing or guidance.
  • Thinking their salespeople are completely self-sustaining and sufficient.
  • Assuming that salespeople have all the answers.
  • Assuming that their salespeople have mastered the skills required to sell effectively.

And the biggest mistake of all:

  • Changing commitments and not following through (I will visit with you on such a date, and then postponing or not making it at all.)

No matter how you rationalize it, this tells the salespeople that they or their work are not priorities for you.

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