Monday, December 11, 2006

A Connection Between Music, Fashion And More Revenue

“We believe there are parallels between fashion and music.”
-Micheal Barber, Barber Entertainment

I’ve always thought that the radio and music industries shared many similarities with the fashion industry. All of them are trendy and focused on the next big idea—or personality/artist/model/designer. And each industry bears its influence on—and is influenced by—pop culture in an ever-evolving cycle of “what’s hot and what’s not.”

Now the retail industry is making the connection between fashion and music. Micheal Barber of Barber Entertainment is helping Nordstrom select music to sell in its stores because quote: “We believe there are parallels between fashion and music.” Also, Sears is trying to see how entertainment can play a role in its stores by selling more CD titles at its mall and stand-alone locations. Read more

Could all of this present a revenue-generating marketing opportunity for your station?

Here’s an idea: Work with your staff and a local or national retailer to create a custom compilation CD. Make sure it features the best of your station’s music/content while promoting/enhancing the retailers ideal customer experience. Done right, your custom-designed compilation will reach more of your listeners where they live and shop. And that could mean a connection between fashion, music and more revenue for your station and its clients.

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