Thursday, December 14, 2006

3 Almost Infallible Rules

Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban is a savvy entrepreneur and thought-leader on many issues regarding technology, media and sports and more. Anytime I read one of his articles or web postings, I’m enlightened by his insights. Mark brings a unique passion, point of view and level of engagement to everything that he’s involved in.

Based on his business-building experience, Mark has developed a lot of almost infallible rules that he follows religiously. Here are three of the rules that Mark checks off against before undertaking new elements of a business. They could help you, too!

Mark’s Rules:

  1. Everyone is a genius in a bullmarket
  2. Win the Battles you are in before you take on new battles
  3. You can Drown in Opportunity

Before adding new elements to your company/cluster, station or show—it may serve you well to check them off against Mark’s almost infallible rules. And you may also find those rules to be great guide for creating success when adding new elements to your life. Besides,the company that always gives you the best return on investment is YOU, Inc.

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