Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Fuzzy Tail

David Armano’s The Fuzzy Tail is a play on Chris Anderson's Long Tail—but that's where the similarities end. Being "fuzzy" means unlearning the way we've always done things and moving away from rigidity toward adaptability.

After viewing the above presentation, I could only think: Is radio too rigid?

Have we in radio adapted quickly enough to the evolving and ever-changing media consumption habits of the consumer? In many ways, we have. In other ways, we’ve failed. And those failures arise only because we often forget what business we are actually in. Radio is not about transmitters and satellites. It’s not about just about clock design and management or internet strategies alone. Radio is greater than the sum or its parts: RADIO is all about RELATIONSHIPS! It’s about the EXPERIENCE we provide listeners and the ENVIRONMENT we create for advertisers to share their brand messages with consumers.

Just as motivational speakers encourage “life design,” for content creators (radio programmers and marketers), it’s all about designing interactions + experiences that connect your radio brand to the audience and the audience to each other.

Advocate for the audience and never forget that whether content is delivered via internet, Wi-Fi, satellite or terrestrial, radio is all about relationships. Compelling content creates memorable moments that allow us to CONNECT with the audience on a deeper, more meaningful level! And with each interaction or experience, the relationship grows – and so will your ratings and revenue.

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