Monday, March 05, 2007

The Master Motivator

In 1995, New York Times best-selling authors, Mark Victor Hansen and Joe Batten, first shared their secrets of inspiring leadership in the book, “The Master Motivator.” When I discovered their book, at that time, I was serving as Program Director for the newly relaunched WKYS in Washington, DC. Mark and Joe’s leadership insights became invaluable to me. And I quickly adopted, and adapted, many of their tips and techniques to help me motivate my programming staff in new ways.

After blowing the dust off of this classic book again this past weekend, I believe that Mark and Joe’s insights are just as relevant today as they were years ago. For me, “The Master Motivator” helped to shape my coaching style for inspiring high-ego, high-energy talent in the office and behind the mic.

A Master Motivator…

  1. [Sets] clear expectations (goals and motives) requested firmly with caring confidence and consistency.
  2. Bases all requests (not orders) on known and suspected strengths and on the empathic awareness of needs, desires, and fears.
  3. Insures that full training, mentoring, and support are scheduled at all times.
  4. [Provides] continuous, confident, and caring feedback. When firmness is needed, mean what you say!
  5. Expects the best, being firm and caring. Provides generous earned praise and an example of constant commitment to learning.

Are you successfully coaching and motivating your staff to achieve their personal and professional goals, including higher ratings and revenue for your station/cluster? Be honest with yourself and those who look to you for leadership. Maybe it’s time for you to make the transition from being a “task master” to becoming a “master motivator.”

To make “The Master Motivator” a part of your leadership library, order your copy at And for more from the “Master of Mindset,” Mark Victor Hansen, visit here.

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