Monday, March 26, 2007

60 Ideas In 60 Minutes

Great minds, great ideas…

At this year’s Canadian Music Week in Toronto, fellow programmers Tracy Johnson, Chris Kennedy, Mike McVay, and Steve Young shared “60 Ideas In 60 Minutes.” The panel discussion was facilitated Chris Byrnes. Here are a few ideas from the session to help to jumpstart your thinking.

  • Have Talent Critique Themselves –Steve Young
    Allow your air talents to critique themselves during air check sessions. It will give you as a PD a sense of what they are thinking and what they see as the priorities to address in their air work.
  • Target Marketing To Create Sampling –Tracy Johnson
    Target your marketing to create SAMPLING of your station, not merely imaging or positioning it. Be sure to include a specific call to action…that is easy for consumers to respond to, and don’t ask for too much. You can’t convert someone who doesn’t listen now to become their favorite station tomorrow. But you can create marketing that asks for a LITTLE sampling…at a specific time…and get them to try you out.
  • Are You Blogging? –Chris Kennedy
    Are you blogging? Gives the station personalities a forum to be connected with the community and for listeners to comment and interact. Content can be anything from show bit discussions to appropriate content matching station style to community events, etc.

Get the complete list here.

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