Monday, March 03, 2008

Geometric INSIGHT: Ten Basic Rules For Setting Up An Online Music Test

  1. Make sure that your hooks are cut the right way with fade in and fade out.
  2. Music hooks should be the right length, 6 to 8 seconds is perfect.
  3. Audio quality of your hooks should be good. Online requires better quality than telephone hooks.
  4. Make sure that the music hook files are as small as possible to avoid delays in the user interface.
  5. Play the hooks to your panel in a random order. Respondent fatigue is an issue in all research methodologies. Randomizing gives every song the same chance/opportunity.
  6. Your list of songs to be tested should ideally contain a mix of current and older hits—just like the average radio station. This helps to prevent panel burn and skew.
  7. Do not name the artist and the title of the song. This will have influence on the results. People should vote on what they hear not read.
  8. Give your users a chance to save their answers at a particular point for continuing later.
  9. To increase your participation rates include a contest or chance to win a reward amongst those who successfully complete the test.
  10. Make it fun.


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