Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Brand Building And Marketing As Investments

From the Brand Insider:

(1) Brand building is an investment that results in a significant leverageable asset.
(2) Other shorter-term marketing actions exist for the sole purpose of increasing sales.
(3) You can measure the asset value of brands.
(4) You can also measure the non-financial aspects of brands that drive positive financial consequences in the long term – awareness, relevant differentiation, loyalty, etc.
(5) You can and should measure ROI for other shorter-term marketing programs.
(6) Brands are a primary source of value creation for organizations.
(7) While some business people (typically finance and operations types) may view marketing as an expense without significant corresponding benefits, this is untrue. Marketing is one of the most important investments a company can make.

Implication: Don't look first to marketing (and employee training, for that matter) when expenses need to be trimmed to achieve short-term goals. This will only hamper value creation [ratings] and revenue growth in the long term. Read more

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