Monday, October 02, 2006

A Great General Manager

In my career, I’ve had the good fortune to work with, interact with or compete against many great General Managers. A few who have been influential to me include (in no particular order): Butch Guest, Cliff Fletcher, Alan Lincoln, Rick Caffey, Tony Washington, Ben Hill, Wayne Brown and Ron Davenport. Others like Barry Mayo, Judy Ellis and Dave Martin, I’ve followed closely to carefully observe their winning ways.

There’s nothing like working for a General Manager who “gets it.” An OM/PD can deliver superior results with the support of a great GM.

Broadcast legend Dave Martin writes:

“A great general manager is an advocate for ownership, an effective business leader who adds value and creates wealth. A great general manager understands leadership is an art, believes leadership is being then doing, and she/he knows you can’t lead unless someone is willing to follow. A great general manager values ‘people skills’ and is devoted to being a good and fair person with a reputation for creating a stimulating, positive and challenging environment...”

Everyone enjoys working with a great GM!

For Dave’s complete profile of “A Great General Manager,” click

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