Monday, September 22, 2008

The Truth About YOU

Management guru and best-selling author Marcus Buckingham continues to expand his strengths message—that is, changing the way the world approaches life and work—with his new book, “The Truth About You: Your Secret To Success.” The book outlines five principles that Buckingham views as the best advice you’ll ever get.

  1. Performance is always the point - So don’t expect your organization ever to know you like you do.
  2. Your strengths aren’t what you’re good at, and your weaknesses aren’t what you’re bad at - So you’d better find out what your real strengths are.
  3. When it comes to your job, the “What” is always trumps the “Why” and the “Who” - So always ask: “What will be paid to do?”
  4. You’ll never find the perfect job - So every week, for the rest of your life, write your Strong Week Plan.
  5. You’ll never turn your weaknesses into strengths - So fess up to your weaknesses, then neutralize them.

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