Thursday, September 25, 2008

I.G.N.I.T.E. Sales Tip: 10 Ways To WinWin Selling

Sell on the basis of WinWin

Both parties must benefit from the transaction, your company and the customer. Think act and communicate on the basis of WinWin.

Be enthusiastic

Enthusiasm transforms being into living and is the magic spark, which gets people’s support without your ever having to ask for it.

Be positively different

Your company competes in competitive markets and this gives us many opportunities to be different. So often the order goes to the salesperson who goes that extra bit further. It can often be as simple as:
  • Spelling the customer’s name right
  • Showing genuine interest in his or her needs
  • Giving a little extra.
To put it in a nutshell: give customers a little more than they pay for.

Be stimulating to talk to

Customers only buy from salespeople when they are motivated to do so. Salespeople who recognise the importance of phrasing their discussion in the buyer’s interest and responding in a cheerful, positive manner will succeed where many others will fail.

Show you really care

The ability to communicate a genuine “I care” attitude will never be forgotten by customers - provided they see it as sincere and not an underhanded sales technique.

Demonstrate integrity

More than any other quality, the one most appreciated by customers is integrity. If your solution will not satisfy the buyer’s need - don’t sell it. If you do, you won’t get the chance to repeat the experience.

Be an achiever

Develop a sincere desire for the things you want out of life, set your goals for today, tomorrow and the future. If you are ever lacking in enthusiasm or drive, have a look at your goals - therein lies the solution. In selling terms this means planning your work and working your plan.

Have plenty of deals operating at once

Too many salespeople depend too much on the big kill, only to be sorely disappointed when it fails to materialize. Separate the “suspects” from the “prospects” and meet as many new buyers as possible.

Use your imagination

The most influential element of success or failure is what you tell yourself. If you think you are beaten, you are. You will never succeed if you are constantly saying to yourself, “I’ll try” or “I can’t”. Train your imagination to constantly think in terms of “I will” and “I can”.

Don’t be afraid to fail

If you are afraid to fail then inevitably you will avoid success. Every failure is a learning experience and an opportunity to capitalize on your mistakes - by not repeating them.

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