Monday, September 24, 2007

Are You Keeping A PPM Diary?

From Dave Martin's PPM News & Comment Blog:

The early days of PPM include a growing store of advice, counsel on how to win in a PPM world. My thought is one of the most important and effective strategies is not yet getting the attention deserved.

Keep a diary.As a practical matter keeping a diary, or journal if you prefer, affords an outstanding return on investment. Your diary will prove invaluable in gaining an understanding of the PPM data.What is happening?
What is not happening? What are the players doing to influence the action?

Dave makes a great point. The level of granularity in the data we can see with the PPM is uniquely insightful.

Aside from what Dave mentions here, I would further recommend that each department in the station/cluster, especially Programming, Marketing and Promotions, track the activities and events happening inside and out of side of the station/cluster.


Ultimately, combining your diary/journal information with Arbitron ratings data, Media Monitors data and other market information will provide a comprehensive, multi-level tracking system to help you better determine how your station/cluster is performing under the PPM. Those insights will prove invaluable when crafting actionable strategies and tactics for operating in a PPM world.

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