Monday, May 21, 2007

Tiger Traits

In his book Tiger Traits, corporate trainer Dr. Nate Booth reveals nine success traits you can discover from Tiger Woods to be a business champion.

  • Tiger Trait #1: Identify and Develop Natural Talents
  • Tiger Trait #2: Create a Clear and Compelling Dream
  • Tiger Trait #3: Select Teachers, Heroes, and Teammates Who Guide, Inspire, and Support
  • Tiger Trait #4: Be Confident
  • Tiger Trait #5: Manufacture Magnificent Mental Models
  • Tiger Trait #6: Let Actions Do the Talking
  • Tiger Trait #7: Constantly Improve in Good Times and Bad
  • Tiger Trait #8: Be Likeable
  • Tiger Trait #9: Be Grateful, Give Back

Emulate these traits today to become a better manager, programmer or personality – and inspire others. Resolve to be a champion in your company/cluster, family and community.

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*Note: The book and author are not affiliated or endorsed by Tiger Woods.

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