Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Seven Deadly Sins Of Radio Station Imaging

Clear Channel New York/Director of Creative Services and Z100 legendary production guru Dave Foxx warns against committing the Seven Deadly Sins of Radio Station Imaging.

  1. LUST – Dumping every effect at your disposal into the piece, even though it has nothing to do with the subject at hand.

  2. GLUTTONY – Overusing a favorite effect.

  3. GREED – Allowing your effects to take over the promo. Your effects never should dominate the mix.

  4. SLOTH – Sloppy music edits. A good producer never says, “It's good enough.” If you can’t dance to it, it needs to be fixed.

  5. WRATH – Getting mad about what the competition is doing and letting that affect your promos. (Example: You believe the competition is copying you, so you start adding words such as “original” and “first.”) Those words only invite the listener to check out the competition.

  6. ENVY – Making your work sound like someone else’s. Aspiring to sound as good as Eric Chase, John Frost, Eric Edwards, Dr. Dave, Pat Garrett or Rick Party is healthy...until you start ripping off their work.

  7. PRIDE – Don’t believe your own hype.

Now is a good time to listen and evaluate all of your imaging against the 7 Deadly Sins while planning your creative strategies for Fall. What sins are you and your creative staff indulging in right now? Stop sinning and start winning.

Want to learn more of Dave’s radio imaging secrets? See what he reveals at

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